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Winter in Chattanooga

This winter has been pretty cold for the Chattanooga area, which got us thinking about the people who do not have homes. The less fortunate must be cold and how can we help them stay warm. We decided to do a winter outreach, where we would provide some winter clothing and hot coffee to those in need. We have had several people donate jackets throughout this year and Cross Connection partnered with us to donate more winter items.

Early Saturday morning, December 14th, we loaded up the church van with 10 boxes full of winter clothes to take downtown Chattanooga. When we arrived, people were lined up with the excitement on their faces and helped us set up, as they anxiously waited to grab a jacket. Our hearts were touched by the amount of gratitude the people had towards receiving the items; they were grateful even if there was not anything their size. Everyone was helping each other find items and made sure everyone got something. By the end of the event, the jackets leftover were given to the Community Kitchen.

The need is great in Chattanooga, and this is just the start of helping those in need in Chattanooga.


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