Recently, we went to a community called Duquesa. Vertedero is the place where all of Santo Domingo’s garbage goes, Duquesa is a short community pretty close to it. We are visiting and getting to know people and their needs.

We are wanting to get food, clothes, and special toys to bless children and adults with.

We have officially begun computer classes at our Community Center in the Dominican Republic. Thank you, Choice Title Company, Inc, for donating these computers. We can teach typing, Microsoft office, and various computer skills to help them in the future. Our goal with every class we give is to give a better opportunity for children and adolescents. With your support, we are making this possible. Friends, you are creating a better future for a child in the Dominican Republic! The age range for this computer class is from 7 to 14, and they will meet every Saturday. In addition, we have a class for adults that meet at the Community Center, to take a computer class through INFOTEP (Professional Technical Training Institute).

To finish out the year of 2021, we had an outreach at Las Colinas IV, a school in Villa Altagracia. There we played with the kids and celebrated the Christmas season. 

On October 23rd we had an outreach at El Caobal. There we reached children by showing compassion, dancing, and spending time with them. During the event parents and guardians gathered together for clothing and food distribution. Throughout the year we travel back to the community we go to during Project Smiles to continue with our discipleship. 

Though our big focus is providing essential needs to families, we also do some construction work. From remodeling homes that are in desperate need to building shelves to create organization. When we say building His Kingdom- whoever, whatever, wherever, we mean it