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Meet The Team

Woody is our director and founder of Good Samaritans Alliance. Woody started the organization with the heart to be the church where the church is not being the church. He is married to his lovely bride, Belinda, for 37 years. He has two daughters Jessica and Rachel. In 2004, Woody sold his successful automotive business to become a full-time missionary.
Sugeily is our administrator; she keeps us organized financially and as an organization, and much more. Sugeily is from the Dominican Republic and started working with Woody in 2004. She is married to her wonderful, hardworking husband, Connor. She graduated from Santiago University of Technology in 2004 with an Accounting Degree. She is passionate about people of all ages and always wanting to give a helping hand.
Rachel is our Creative Media Specialist, who is in charge of all public relations and organizes local outreaches. She graduated from Evangel University with a Church Leadership degree in 2017. In May 2018, she made the decision to start working alongside Woody coming the fall. She has always had a passion for kids, missions, and public relations.
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Joel is a missionary to and from the Dominican Republic. He is married to a beautiful bride named Allis for five years and has a daughter named Allisia. Joel has been full-time in ministry for 17 years. He has a heart for creativity, kids ministry, and helping those in need. He heads up Foundation Provda in the Dominican Republic, which provides refuge, hope, joy, love, and peace to those in need.
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Yolenny is from the Dominican Republic and is a missionary to Africa. Yolenny is gifted with the ability to learn languages. She knows Spanish, English, French, Aramaic, and a little bit of other African dialects. She is now helping out in an orphanage in Africa. She has a heart for language, Africa, and ministering to kids.
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