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By clicking the bottom below you will be able to donate thru PayPal and donate to a specific area. We also have it set up for you to make recurring payments.


Areas to donate: 

General: will go to the organization as a whole. It goes towards where it is needed most. General donations also help keep this organization open. It helps us to reach those in need and expand to a different location.

Project Smiles: Reaching over 500 kids by spreading the love of Jesus and interacting with the kids. In addition, to providing hygiene products, clothes, and toys to every child we reach.  

Project Rebuild: Rebuilding 4-5 houses per year in the Dominican Republic for families in need, those with disabilities, and affected by the hurricane 

Community Center Programs: At our community center we hold various programs. We have a discipleship program for children of various ages, art and computer classes for kids ages 7-14, and classes for adults through a program called Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional(INFTP). Help us with the expenses to help keep the Community Center open and functional. 

Compassion for those with disabilities: Throughout the year we show compassion to those in need of medical attention in the Villa Altagracia area. We do our best to help provide and make sure they have the medicine and nutrition that they need. We help with the person's medical needs and bring food for the whole family.

Food Distribution: Blessing people with bags of groceries to people in need in the Dominican Republic and locally. 

To donate to a missionary click here

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