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Impact Chattanooga Outreach

Every fourth Saturday of the month, weather permitting, we go to a homeless community and pick up trash in the area to make it a better living environment. We first started out doing this in Chattanooga to do something different from what other organizations are doing. Partnering with local organizations, we saw there is a huge need for trash pick up in homeless communities. No trash services are provided in the homeless community, which means it gets trashed fast. With no trash, services bring a lot of friction to businesses wanting to disband the community. We hope to clean up the communities to prevent them from being disbanded. Join us as we try to give our local neighbors a better living situation. Check out our events to join us on our upcoming Impact Chattanooga Outreach.

We do a lot overseas, but we also understand the importance of giving back to our local community. Chattanooga has a huge percentage of homelessness, and during the winter it gets pretty cold to live outside. All year we collect winter items to give away at our winter outreach. At the outreach, we provide breakfast and then have everyone form a line to grab a bag full of winter items.


If you have winter items you would like to donate, message us and we can come to pick them up for you at your convenience.

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