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Impacting Chattanooga one community at a time

Springtime always comes with a lot of rain in the Chattanooga area, but we are not letting it stop us from reaching Chattanooga. On March 27th, we went to a homeless community located near a railroad track. [Due to the privacy of the individuals, we are not revealing the exact location.] God’s faithfulness showed that day. From one vehicle breaking down to trying to dodge a thunderstorm. God was with us Saturday and this outreach was a success. We got to talk to many of the people within that community and began to pick up the trash. We will continue to go to this location until it is all cleaned up because it is in desperate need of cleaning. Join us on April 24th to help us clean up the community. Also, join us in prayer for the community, the people we encounter, and their hearts, and for us to listen and have wisdom.


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