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Going All In- Regaining Life

For an amount of time, I was sick and had to go through three stomach surgeries. Going through these surgeries, truthfully, felt like death, but through Christ, I got completely healed and He brought life back to me. As I was thinking about the new year, I wanted 2020 to be dedicated to going ALL IN and make it life changing. I want to fully mean what I say when I say "I will give my all to You, God."

What a beautiful way to begin the year than to go in obedience to the Dominican Republic. I had the privilege to go with Good Samaritans Alliance on a 10 day trip to the Dominican Republic. Little did I know the effect this trip would have on my heart. Time spent with Woody, Rachel, Sugeily, and the family was a blessing I will never forget.

We, Americans, are truly spoiled to the conveniences of life.

I experienced a wonderfully different pace while thereby enjoying the simplicity of savoring the moment.

Project Smiles 2020 was a huge success. We went to a beautiful part of the country where several hundred parents and children gathered for a fun-packed day. Joel certainly worked hard to form this into reality for so many. It was almost overwhelming to see the beautiful children. They received food, fun, and gifts because so many people gave towards this project. During Project Smiles I saw the following: the hungry fed, needs being met, hairdressers ministering through styling hair and dentist teaching mouth hygiene to families. There were games, prizes, lots of fun events, and even sharing the gospel of Christ to such a crowd. My highlight of the day was holding a precious baby boy. Children are precious in the sight of the Lord! My heart will remember January 6th forever.

Each day was packed with new experiences and the most impactful one was my experience at the Community Center. The Community Center is a home sitting on top of a very high hill that could forever change its community for Christ. As we give what we are called to give, Good Samaritans Alliance will tackle a project at a time to get this place running. This place is a place of hope and provision for many who live in the surrounding area. As we arrived children came from all over the area with smiles and bright eyes that melt your heart. While Woody began working on electrical sources at the top of the hill, Rachel and I were privileged to have time in the house with children. The highlight for me was sharing the large bag of toys we brought for the children to play with while at the center. One precious 3-year-old girl wouldn’t part with the baby doll that she held on to the entire time she was there. Woody said, “There will be more baby dolls but there is only one little girl.” So needless to say that the baby doll went home with her. I hope to carry many with me on my next trip. My heart cries out to God for provision to complete this Center so that needs may be met now and later! If we all share what we can, it would surely speed up the process of completion.

One thing I must share about my trip is how amazingly easy God made it for me to communicate, yet not knowing the language. One of the times while serving a young student, who was taking English classes, helped interpret what was said. One of the churches we visited was similar to American churches. There I was given a device that interpreted the whole sermon in English. The other church I attended, I relied on the presence of the Holy Spirit and the many hugs and greeting people who gathered in a local building to Worship together. Using my hands and expressions was surely comical at times but it worked. Love covers all!

The morning of leaving the host family was difficult, I felt like they treated me like royalty! They saw to my every need while there and I am so grateful!

On our way to the airport, we met Joshua and his mother, a precious family this is GSA supports monthly. We are all asking God for a divine miracle in his life! Joshua has Biliary Tract Atresia, in need of a liver transplant, and is blind. This mother stopped her studies of becoming a doctor to stay home to give Joshua the care and attention he needs. It takes $300 a month just to cover his medicine, not including the supplies that are needed. May God call those who can and are willing to support Joshua. Let’s do the thing God calls us to and be used by Him to meet the many need that Good Samaritans Alliance tries so hard to meet

I’m so grateful for every moment I was allowed to experience. I encourage you to join GSA and be his hands extended. Together our gifts can meet needs and change lives for eternity.

By the way-- my favorite things were the many ways they cooked platanos fritos and Elisa’s juice especially for me!

God bless you, Woody, for allowing me to have such an awesome God experience!

- Helen Boaz


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