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1400lbs of Socks

Woody Woodruff and his construction team have been doing some repairs on a warehouse building and one section of the warehouse holds the Point6 socks warehouse. Woody out of curiosity asked if they would ever like to donate socks. Low and behold they donated 1400lbs of socks.

These socks are prices on average at $19 a pair and are great quality of wool. The socks that were donated were ones that could not be sold in the store due to a slight imperfection,

the socks are still wearable and still great quality.

We recently have been gathering socks because it has been brought to our attention that Chattanooga people are in need of socks especially during this winter season. It has always been said, "Ask and you shall received". We have asked for donations of socks and has far exceeded our expectation and we are beyond excited to give these out throughout the year.

We are needing your help!

All of these socks need to be washed and sorted. If you would like to help us wash socks contact us today!


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