Joshua Soto

Joshua is three years old and lives in the Dominican Republic. On top of being born blind, Joshua suffers from Biliary Tract Atresia--a condition in which the bile ducts are partially obstructed. Due to the Biliary Tract Atresia, he has needed several surgeries and subsequently requires a Liver Transplant. He has already had four surgeries and needs more. 

A single mother, named Elaine, is raising Joshua, along with her 
ten-year-old daughter. Elaine went to school to be a Physician, but due to the circumstances, she left the field to dedicate herself to taking care of Joshua. Our goal is to continue supporting Joshua and his family as time goes.

Help us help Elaine and her family by supplying items that Joshua needs, as well as, helping provide food for this family. 
- Similac Alimentum                  - Pediasure
- Pedialyte or Electrolyte          - Colostomy bags
- Colostomy base                      - Stoma area protector in paste                                       
- Medicines

Thank you for your support and keep this family in your prayers.