"My name is Diana Carolina, I am 30 years old. As you all can watch I was born with a disability called Meningocele (Is a birth defect where there is a sac protruding from the spinal column. The sac includes spinal fluid but does not contain neural tissue. Fluid comes through an opening in the baby’s back. Part of the spinal cord and nerves are in this sac and are damaged).

Trying to figure out a way to support me and help my brothers and my mom I decided to start a small business selling cleaning supplies.

I want to share with you that these disability has not been a problem for me to learn some things; I have taken courses such as Crafts, computer which I have completed until I finish and get a diploma with INFOTEP.

Through this disability I was able to meet people in an outreach that led me to church, I started visiting the church and being part of the programs and one of them was discipleship. In discipleship classes, I was able to learn how to memorize Bible verses that perhaps I had read before but was not able to recite. "