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Throughout the year we show compassion to those in need of medical attention in the Villa Altagracia area. We do our best to help provide and make sure they have the medicine and nutrition that they need. We help with the person's medical needs and bring food for the whole family. In 2023, we will show compassion to more people with disabilities in the Villa Altagracia area. We need your help! Help us provide medicine, supplies, and food to those who are desperately in need. 

Some medical supplies currently need

- Similac Alimentum                  - Pediasure                                                  - Adult Diapers (L)
- Pedialyte or Electrolyte          - Colostomy bags                                        - Bed pads 
- Colostomy base                      -  Stoma area protector in paste                                       
- Medicines                               - Wheelchairs 

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